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Minneapolis, MN

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The Floating Perspectives bring musical unity through the carefully crafted marriage of powerful and incisive lyrics, rich harmonies and a lush string ensemble. Exploring topics of beauty, life's uncertainty and positive self reflection, their introspective depth is conveyed and juxtaposed with upbeat production and rich harmonies. Drawing energy and rhythmic prowess from rock, their indie sentiments flawlessly mesh with pop sensibilities to create a unique sound that is all their own. On their latest project, "swirling ephemera", their originality and sonic uniqueness shines through in crisp, clean instrumentation with vocals that cut into you, spilling out flowers from the soul.




A performer his whole life, Andrew first began writing songs in 8th grade. He spent his youth and teen years pursuing acting, appearing in many professional and community theater productions, as well as the Coen Brothers' film "A Serious Man", in which he portrayed the foul-mouthed "Cursing Boy on Bus".

After high school, he switched his focus to music, and began the project that would eventually become The Floating Perspectives. Andrew can also be found playing and singing harmonies in the bands MEMEME and Artificial Flowers, as well as acting in the occasional film project.



As a kid, Tessa's mom would often find her singing, dancing, and air-violining along to the radio. At 7 years old, Tessa began taking private violin lessons and participated in orchestras, band (briefly playing the French Horn), and small ensembles throughout her school years. She minored in music in college and began to pursue her “break” from the classical world at that time, participating in a jazz ensemble and jamming with friends outside of classes. Since then, Tessa has continued to jam, explore different genres and improvisation, and continues to discover her voice as a musician everyday.

"I can’t imagine a life without music and feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn as a child. It is something I will take with me wherever I go!"




Chris Cuellar’s passion for music first began as a kid when he received an electric guitar for his birthday. Little did Chris know that his newly discovered passion would lead to an incurable addiction for music. From the late night practice sessions to the many music milestones he encountered, Chris continues to hone his musical skills on a daily basis. He’s also an avid learner in pursuit of learning new instruments to broaden his perspective musically.



Danny is primarily an improvisational violinist who started playing when he was seven. He also produces songs using Ableton and is learning to mix.

With us he plays guitar and Bass!

In his free time he enjoys climbing things, doing nothing, connecting, and slooowly studying languages.




Willow Waters, a genderfluid multi-instrumentalist, can be found around town participating in almost every facet of the industry.

Between her own project, Willow Waters and the Earth Tones, and the many others she is involved with (Sister Species, Still Unstill, Carlisle Evans Peck and The Lady's Slippers, and Unlawful Assembly), Willow can be found singing, as well as playing guitar, upright bass, electric bass, percussion, and any number of brass instruments.

Whether teaching, working as a sound tech, or playing with one of their many projects, Willow Waters is a musical force to be reckoned with.



Abby Johnson is our percussionist. She’s from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Abby’s love for all things click-clacky and jingle-jangly started in her early years of concert percussion. Abby focused her musical skill in the concert world throughout the rest of her academic years. She moved to Minneapolis to pursue a degree in Music Therapy.

The years following college left Abby wanting to escape the concert world and dip her toes into the local music scene, which finds her here with us in The Floating Perspectives! Her influences lie mainly in classical music where she grew to understand the importance of every sound and the emotions and energy behind them.

You can see Abby slapping the cajon with a tambourine on her foot, maybe singing a few notes here and there.

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